Subaru Ascent Comparison

The 2019 Subaru
V.S. The Competition

Comparing the Subaru Ascent to the Competition

When it comes to SUVs, there are a lot of factors that you'll need to consider, and our team at Hughes Subaru will make sure you know all of the relevant information about the 2019 Subaru Ascent to see how it could be right for you. Subaru models are known for being some of the most capable on the road, and we want to see you driving comfortably and confidently for years to come. As some of the top models in the class, even the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander can't compete with the new Subaru Ascent. 

Performance Capabilities

The Ascent comes with more torque than the Pilot and Highlander, allowing it to start moving more easily than these competitors. Torque is important because it ensures reliable and exciting performance even when you are fully loaded. The Subaru engine is also more efficient than the engines of the competitors, allowing you to go further without needing to stop.

 The Ascent also comes with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive as a standard feature to help you maintain traction at all times. The Highlander and Pilot only have all-wheel drive as an option, and they won't be as reliable as the Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system. These competitors also don't compete when it comes to ground clearance, making the Ascent better equipped for rough terrain.

Interior Features

 Most people choose SUVs because they are looking for more passenger and cargo space than other vehicles can provide, and the Ascent offers more than the Highlander and Pilot in both of these metrics. With three rows of seating, you can choose to fold down a certain amount to ensure you will have the perfect balance of passenger space and cargo volume. The Ascent has a cargo space range of 17.8 cubic feet to 86.5 cubic feet, the Pilot has 16.5 cubic feet to 83.8 cubic feet, and the Highlander has 13.8 cubic feet to 82.6 cubic feet.

Safety Features

These models all come with a variety of safety features to help you feel comfortable while you are behind the wheel. The Ascent comes standard with Adaptive Cruise Control, Pre-Collision Braking, Lane Departure and Sway Warning, and Lane Keep Assist, while the Pilot doesn't offer them as standard until the highest-level trims, and the Highlander doesn't come with a system similar to the STARLINK™ Safety and Security System that comes standard in the Ascent Premium and above trims.


Possibly one of the most important factors of a vehicle is its pricing, and we wanted to look at it last because it is a surprising figure. With all of the advantages that it offers, you might think that the Ascent is priced much higher than either of the other models, but you would be wrong. When you want each to be comparably equipped - which means adding all-wheel drive for the Pilot and Highlander - the other two models are actually more expensive than the Ascent. It is clear to see that you are getting more for your money when you choose the Ascent.

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