Go Green! Hughes Subaru was a Proud Participant of Green Up Day

May 24th, 2017 by

Here at Hughes Subaru in Athens, we strongly believe in actively making efforts to help positively impact the environment. This past month, we proudly were involved with not just one, but two environmentally friendly volunteer events to contribute to a greener planet!

Assisted a Community Sustained Garden Project!

Displayed in the pictures above and below, you can see members of the Hughes Subaru team working hard on a garden that is entirely sustained by community members! This garden is located at Athens Land Trust, which consists of property to be used for conservation as well as community. Their slogan summarizes it very well: “Conserving, empowering and sustain communities through responsible and visionary land use”. We value the work that they do very much, and it was our pleasure to get involved with such a great and green cause!

Delivered a ‘Subaru Loves Earth’ Kit to Children at a Local Middle School!

Our youth is the future, and we believe it is crucial to educate them about environmental sustainability and the importance of going green! For this reason, we visited our local middle school in the community and gave the children a ‘Subaru Loves Earth’ kit. This was an effective and fun way for us to open up a discussion about the environment, the planet and what it means to be a sustainable habitat! We think the students really learned a lot, and simply by encouraging them to consider this topic and make them aware of it is a big win for us! Check out the picture below.

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