Have Your Car’s Filters Inspected and Changed at Hughes Subaru

November 27th, 2021 by

Keeping your car’s cabin air filter clean is essential to its health—and your health—in Athens, GA. Your vehicle will only run properly and perform at its best if the air filter is free of dirt and other contaminants from the outdoor air. You may already know the importance of changing your vehicle’s engine oil regularly. Here are the reasons you’ll also want to inspect and change the cabin filter from time to time, as well.

Avoid Costly Repairs and Save Money

To prevent paying for unnecessary repairs, you will benefit from regular cabin air filter changes. You can avoid costly repairs with routine maintenance and experience smooth drives through Jefferson, GA. Your car’s interior air filter is part of the air conditioning system and works hard to keep all passengers, and it also helps cool the car’s engine avoiding damaged parts or breakdowns. Preventative maintenance can quickly and easily turn into more comprehensive vehicle repairs.

Peak performance and Passenger Health

It’s beneficial to have clean cabin filters in Winder, GA, to help reduce pollutants from the air, and help the engine perform well. Your car won’t have to work nearly as hard with a clean filter in place since it aids in circulating better quality air through the system.

When to Change the Filter

You should change the air filters regularly for the best indoor air quality and air system performance. A great rule of thumb is to change the filter when your oil is changed or rotate your tires in Greensboro.

Regardless of when you’ve changed the filter last, changing the filter ahead of the spring and winter months is ideal since that’s when you’ll use the heat and air system more. Of course, if you notice a musty odor, that’s when you’ll want to come in to have the filter checked and changed.

Hughes Subaru also offers our Subaru Service Valet for your convenience near Watkinsville to Monroe, GA. We will pick up your car, perform service, and return it to you, and you won’t have to visit the dealership.

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