Keep These Test Drive Tips in Mind When Buying a New Subaru

November 2nd, 2021 by

A test drive is the best time to determine what makes a new Subaru right for your driveway. Hughes Subaru in Athens, GA, wants you to know what to look for during your time inside. Our experts have compiled several tips to consider when scheduling a new Subaru test drive near Winder, GA. If you have any questions or concerns about your test drive, feel free to reach out to our team!

Top Three Tips for Your Subaru Test Drive

Inspect the Vehicle Before You Drive it

This is a commonly overlooked part of the test drive because most Jefferson, GA drivers are excited to get in the driver’s seat. Make sure basic things – color, cargo space, size, ground clearance, ease of entry, and exit – are to your liking before deciding which model you buy. The new Subaru lineup has many options throughout its range of cars and SUVs to ensure you have access to one that’s right for you.

Use a Route that Tests the Vehicle How You’ll Use it

Our team wants you to have a model that is perfect for your lifestyle, which means you should see how it performs during conditions you normally encounter. We are flexible (within reason) with the test drive route, so be sure to let us know aspects of the drive you want to test. Make mental notes of the acceleration, brakes, steering, and more to determine if it feels right for your daily commute or weekly errands through Greensboro.

Test the Tech After the Drive

Take the time to push every button and twist every knob! Not only does this check that each works, but you will get a feel for the innovative features and connectivity options that a new Subaru can come with. Ask our team how to connect your phone and see if you like the button layout on the steering wheel or other areas.

Schedule Your Test Drive Near Watkinsville Today!

Hughes Subaru is always happy to help you schedule a test drive. Scheduling your appointment ensures you have immediate access to the vehicle you are interested in. With popular Subaru models like the Impreza, Forester, Outback, and more near Monroe, GA, we are certain you can find one you will love!

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