We strive to foster your peace of mind through the quality of our new Subaru models. However, your model may need updates after purchase to ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

To help keep your ownership experience stress-free, our Subaru service center hosts a simple way for drivers from Athens, Greensboro, Jefferson, and beyond to see whether Subaru issued recalls for their Subaru cars or SUVs.

What Subaru Cars Are Being Recalled?

To find out if Subaru issued a recall for your vehicle, enter your VIN, or vehicle identification number, into our convenient tool.

Where is the VIN on My Subaru?

The location of a Subaru 17-digit VIN will vary by model, but typical locations include the driver's side door, under the windshield on the driver's side, on the steering column, and under the hood.

Visit Our Subaru Service Center in Athens For Recall-Related Repairs

Even if you haven't heard about any recalls for your vehicle, we recommend confirming through our recall tool as you may receive compensation for past recall-related repairs. 

Should you notice an outstanding recall on your Subaru, allow the certified technicians at our service center to get your vehicle up to speed. We'll quickly take care of all necessary recall repairs to get you back on the streets of Athens.

We recommend you schedule a service appointment in advance for on-demand service.

Have any questions about recalls for your Subaru? Contact Hughes Subaru today.